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Family History Links for Berkshire

The Boathouse Remenham. Berks.

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Transcript of Bishops Transcripts Appleford

APPLEFORD, is a chapelry, in the parish of Sutton Courtney, union of Abingdon, hundred of Ock, and county of Berkshire,

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Some transcribed wills of some Berkshire people

Berkshire Family History Society for family history research – and all genealogy interests in Berkshire and beyond

Free access to the IGI Parish records for Berkshire

Extracts of the Bishops Transcripts for Cookham Berks

Cumnor Parish Berks

Some good transciptions

Abstracts of probate documents relating to Berkshire

Access to the transcripts for Hungerford and Wantage is at the bottom of the page after a comprehensive explanation

From Berkshire and Hampshire

The Parish registers for the Parish of Upton Berks.

Denchworth Parish Register 1540-1812

Phillimores Berkshire Marriages Vol 2

Phillimore marriages for Berkshire Vol 1

The Registers of the Parish of Bisham. Baptisms, Marriages and burials 1560-1812 plus a list of Vicars