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Scotney Castle near Lamberhurst in Kent

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Woodchurch Local and Family History

A free search site with loads of transcripts and information

Transcribed wills of some people from Kent

Mick Grays Genealogy site



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Parish registers of Newenden Kent

Registers of the Parish of Shipbourne

The Roll of the Freemen of the City of Canterbury 1392-1800

The Parish Registers of Lullingstone 1578-1812

The Parish Registers of Horton Kirby 1678-1812

Registers of Boughton under Blean 1558-1626

Parish registers St.Marys Chislet 1583-1707

Parish Registers of St. Giles Kingston Kent & Monumental Inscriptions 1558-1837

Registers of St. Dunstons Canterbury 1559-1800