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The Lambeth Archives

The Templer Family that went to London

Many places and boroughs now in Greater London would have at one time been in the Home counties but I have used todays bounderies on this site

If you find any broken links or if you would like me to add a link to your family history site please email

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The East of London Family History Society for those areas that were outside of London but now in the Greater London Area

The Howse Family Genealogy

From Battersea and Nine Elms

Parish Registers of St.James Clerkenwell

The transcribed registers of the Parish of Wandsworth

Philimores Marriages for St James, Dukes Place, Aldgate.

Register of St.Michaels Cornhill 1546-1754

Registers of St. Benedicts and St.Peter PAULS WHARF London  

Very faint typing but readable if you enlarge the book

Monumental inscriptions in the Church of St.Olaves Jewry

Registers of all Hallows Bread St. And St. John the evangelist Friday St. London

List of Wardens of the Grocers Company 1345-1907

A transcript of the registers of the United Parishes of St. Marys Woolnoth and St.Marys Woolchurch Haw City of London 1558-1760

Accounts of the Churchwardens of St. Michaels Cornhill 1456-1608

Register of the Church of St. Dennis Backchurch 1538-1754

The registers of St. Helens Bishopsgate

The registers of St.Mary Le Bow (Cheapside), All Hallows  (Honey Lane), and St.Pancras (Soper Lane)

The Parish Registers os St.Thomas the Apostle London

The Registers of St.Martins Outwich London

The Registers of St.Stephens Walbrook and of St.Benet Sherehog London

Register book of Marriages of the Parish of St George Hanover Square Middx (Now London) Vol 1

London Westminster and Middlesex Family History Society

The Registers of St Helen’s Bishopsgate

Records of the Manor and Borough of Hampstead in the County of London to Dec 31st 1889 with maps and illustrations

A fascinating book if you are researching in Hampstead with some names and old pictures of the area and a lot of information on how hampsted was in 1889

The Parish Registers of St.Mary Aldermarry London containing marriages, Baptisms and burials 1558-1754

The registers of St. Mildred’s Bread St. And St. Margaret Moses Friday St. London

Allegations for Marriage Licenses issued by the Bishop of London 1520-1610

Marriage Licenses issued by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster 1558-1699

Also Marriage Allegations in the registary of the Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury 1660-1679

Allegations for Marriage Licenses issued by the Bishop of London 1611-1828

Allegations for Marriage Licenses issued by the Bishop of London 1520-1828

Registers of St.Michael Cornhill 1546-1754

The Registers of St.Antholin, Budge Row 1538-1754. Also        St. John Baptist on Wallbrook 169

The Register of St.Martins in the Field 1550-1619

 was in Middlesex now London

The Newgate Calendar

The Newgate Calendar was one of those books, along with a Bible, Foxe's Book of Martyrs and the Pilgrim's Progress, most likely to be found in any English home between 1750 and 1850. Children were encouraged to read it because it was believed to inculcate principles of right living -- by fear of punishment if not by the dull and earnest morals appended to the stories of highwaymen and other felons.

London Lives 1690-1800 Crime,Poverty and Social policy in the Metropolis

London Lives includes 39 individual Document Types from fourteen archives, and 15 Additional Datasets. By clicking on an individual Archive, you will be taken to a page which lists all the document types included from that archive. By then clicking on a decade for which those documents are available, you will be taken to a listing of the documents available, year by year

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