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The Lambeth Archives

The Templer Family that went to London

Many places and boroughs now in Greater London would have at one time been in the Home counties but I have used todays bounderies on this site

If you find any broken links or if you would like me to add a link to your family history site please email

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The East of London Family History Society for those areas that were outside of London but now in the Greater London Area

The Howse Family Genealogy

From Battersea and Nine elms

Parish Registers of St.James Clerkenwell

The Transcribed registers of the Parish of Wandsworth

Philimores Marriages for St James, Dukes Place, Aldgate.

Register of St.Michaels Cornhill 1546-1754

Registers of St. Benedicts and St.Peter PAULS WHARF London  

Very faint typing but readable if you enlarge the book

Monumental inscriptions in the Church of St.Olaves Jewry

Registers of all Hallows Bread St. And St. John the evangelist Friday St. London

List of Wardens of the Grocers Company 1345-1907

A transcript of the registers of the United Parishes of St. Marys Woolnoth and St.Marys Woolchurch Haw City of London 1558-1760

Accounts of the Churchwardens of St. Michaels Cornhill 1456-1608

Register of the Church of St. Dennis Backchurch 1538-1754