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Hascombe Surrey

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Deaths in Surrey county gaol 1798-1878

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Parish Transcrptions

St. Mark's Church Wyke

Normandy Surrey

Loads of Transcriptions here

Bisley Burials Transcribed

Wills of Bisley People

Bisley Baptisms Transcribed


Farnham Marriages 1539 - 1837

Farnham Removal Orders 1694/95 - 1831

Registers of the Parish of Banstead Surrey

Registers of the Parish of Godalming Surrey

Registers of the Parish of Merstham Surrey

Registers for the Parish of Morden Surrey

Registers for the Parish of Haslemere

Addington Surrey Parish Registers

Parish Registers of Sutton Surrey 1636-1837

Parish Account Book for Ockley Surrey

The Registers of Stoke D’Arbernon 1619-1812

The Register of Richmond Part 2 1720-1780

The Register for Farleigh Parish 1690-1812

Parish Register for Windlesham 1677-1783

Parish Register for Addington, Chelsham and Warlingham