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Castle Combe Wiltshire

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The Parish of Aldbourne Wilts. Parish registers transcribed by the OPC Great stuff if your family is from here

Wiltshire Family History Society's Website

HENRY AND JANE ALLEY , ENGLAND Researchin the Alley Family mainly in Wiltshire

Some Good transcripts

Mick Grays Genealogy site



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Ancestry of the CANNINGS-BUSHELL family of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

Descendants of John Hunt 1630

Of , Dauntsey, Wiltshire, England

Philimores marriages for Wiltshire Vol 5

The registers of the Parish of Stourton 1570-1800

Registers of the Parish of Bishops Cannings 1591-1811

Alderbury and Whaddon OPC Transcriptions

Lots of transcriptions including Parish registers. Some good information

Aldbourne OPC Transcriptions

Lots here including Parish registers just scroll down.

Alderton O.P.C. Transcriptions

Lots including Parish registers and Census Just scroll down page

Parish of All Cannings O.P.C

Good info including Parish registers and some Census transcriptions.

Wiltshire Online Parish Clerks Project Transcriptions

Click on each Parish to find the information that is online

Phillimores Wiltshire Marriages Vol 2

Phillimores Wiltshire Marriages Vol 4

Phillimores Marriages for Wiltshire Vol 6

Registers of Allcannings and Etchilhampton

Register of the Parish of Wellow

The Family of Benjamin Hale of Calne, Wiltshire, England.

Phillimores Marriages for Wiltshire Vol 12

Phillimores Marriages for Wiltshire Vol 10

Phillimores Marriages for Wiltshire Vol 9

Phillimores Marriages for Wiltshire Vol 8

Phillimores Marriages for Wiltshire Vol 11

  Phillimores Marriages for Wiltshire Vol14

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