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Philimores Marriages for Leicestershire Vol 11

Leicestershire And Rutland Family History Society

Mick Grays Genealogy site



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Muston Parish Marriages 1561-1812

Long Clawson Marriages 1558-1837

Bottesford Marriages 1563-1812

Kettleby Cum Holwell Marriages

Coston Marriages

Gaddesby Marriages

Phillimores Marriages for Leicestershire Vol 1

Phillimores Marriages for Leicestershire Vol 2

St Peters Netherseal Liecestershire and St Mathews Overseal Derbyshire Parish record transcriptions census transcriptions and much more

St Peter's, Netherseal


Baptisms 1725-1810

Ratcliffe Culy Parish page

With Marriage transcriptions 1752-1925. Poor law transcriptions also Burials and Monumental inscriptions