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Family History Links for Derbyshire

Edensor Derbyshire

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A Statutory List of the Inhabitants of Melbourne, Derbyshire, in 1695

1841 Charlesworth Index

1841 Census for Charlesworth Derbyshire

Mick Grays Genealogy site


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North West Derbyshire Sources

Lots of transcriptions and information on this site

Belper Derbyshire

Some transcriptions and information

Wirksworth, Middleton and Matlock in the centre of Derbyshire and England


Chellaston, St Peter
Parish Page

Transcriptions and information

Church Gresley, St Mary& St George
Parish Page Transcriptions and information

If you are researching Ancestors from Clay Cross Derbyshire this is the site for you

Netherseal& Overseal
Parish Pages

Transcriptions and information

South Derbyshire Genealogy Pages

Loads on Brett Payne’s Genealogy site


With Census Transcriptions and more


Which includes the villages of Crich. Fritchley and Whatstandwell


Ince’s Pedigrees

This famous book, handwritten 1824-1860 by Thomas Norris INCE a Wirksworth Solicitor and Genealogist, contains 1,000 pedigrees from the Wirksworth Area and details of 20,000 people among its 484 pages. It has been transcribed by John Palmer, Kathryn Farrell and Sonia Addis-Smith. A computer-generated Surname index is now available for the first time, together with Search results.

WIRKSWORTH Churchwarden Accounts 1658-1727

CHURCHWARDEN'S ACCOUNTS are the most valuable of parochial records for the wealth of information on such a diverse range of topics. Here are the Wirksworth Accounts from 1658 to 1727. Over 4,500 names and occupations are mentioned. You'll find the price of: Ale, Ravens, Foxes, Wisketts, Oyl, Leastalls, Hedgehogges, Piggs of Lead, Nayles, Bread, Wine, Horses, Lime, Sand, Hair, Bricks, Grease, Spades, Yates, Beesoms, Shoes, Tallow, Letters and Soder. New Bells and Arguments about Rights of Way. How the money was collected and where it all went.

Crime in Derbyshire 1770-1829

Petty Sessions and Quarter Sessions 1770-1829

1861 Census of Derby Gaol

Deserters 1828-1840

Simpsons Derbyshire Marriages Vol 13

Phillimores Derbyshire Marriages Vol 8

Phillimores Derbyshire Marriages Vol 4

Phillimores Derbyshire Marriages Vol 1

Phillimores Derbyshire Marriages Vol 10

Phillimores Derbyshire Marriages Vol 12

Phillimores Derbyshire Marriages Vol 5

Middleton by Wirksworth 1841 Census

Staveley Derbyshire

Some Good Transcriptions

Repton and Gresley Hundred South Derbyshire Transcripts of Census and Hearth tax assesments

Many Parishes

St Peters Netherseal Liecestershire and St Mathews Overseal Derbyshire Parish record transcriptions census transcriptions and much more

Overseal, St Matthew

Baptisms - Surname Index